Dr. Alveda King

Activist, Author and Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As a “Guardian of the King Family Legacy,” Alveda is a noted civil rights activist. She is often in demand for her knowledge and firsthand experience in the 20th Century Civil Rights Movement headed by her uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and supported by her father, his brother Rev. A. D. Williams King. She is a respected lecturer, former college professor, author, mentor, stage and screen actress, Georgia State Legislator and Presidential appointee. Alveda has been elected to sit on several boards, and has received numerous awards and honors.

The mission of Alveda King Ministries – where Jesus Christ is Lord – is to “enhance the lives of people spiritually, economically, intellectually and socially.” Alveda is a regular contributor for the News Max “Insiders” column as well as Fox News. Her media appearances have included CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Huckabee, Beck, Hannity and other national and global media hosts. Alveda is a grateful mother and grandmother.